You can listen to stuff done at Greenriver studio below.

Latest Projects

Click to play – Peccato

Continual Drift
Click to play – Time

Uncle Bard and the Dirty Bastards
Irish Folk
Click to play – Gipsy Geezers

Kings of Broadway
Click to play – Beserk

Nicola Pastori, Mr.Groove
Instrumental, Pop
Click to play – Better Days

Andead, IV The underdogs
Punk Rock
Click to play – I see these bombs

Veronal, Buonanotte
Click to play – Buonanotte

Ted Bee, Così mi tieni
Hip Hop
Click to play – Così mi tieni

Black Beat Movement, Love manifesto
Future soul
Click to play –Intoxicated (Feat.Tormento)

Volver, Octopus
Rock, Blues, Latin, Psychedelic
Click to play – Jack Uait

Olly Riva and the Soulrockets
Wanna hear some Soul???
Click to play – Only Love

Lucky Bastardz, Alwayz on the run
Pure Rock n roll.
Click to play –Back on my feet

Il Rebus, Avere trent'anni
The first single of the upcoming album.
Click to play –Avere trent'anni

Max Zanotti & Dj Mike, Della vita della morte
Rock, passion and scratches.
Click to play –Della vita della morte

Klogr, Black snow
Wanna hear some big riffs? some true rock? here it is.
Click to play –Draw closer

4th Dimensions, Dispelling the veil of illusions
A True genuine Symphonic power metal band!
Click to play –Kingdom of Thyne Illusions

The Shapes, Gradation
A Lovely band From London. oh no! are they from Palermo? wow Unbelivable!!
Click to play – Time

Various artists, Punk Goes Acoustic
This is a Charity compilation made to help "l'isola che no c'è" foundation
Click to play – Welcome to paradise

Various artists, Lemmy knows
This is a very cool compilation. all songs are Motorhead covers!
Click to play – Whorehouse Blues

Ghost Mantra, Chandrabindu
Young and talented prog band. Yeah.
Click to play –Dopeself

Cockoo, Buongiorno
The new Album of a great band from Asti!
Click to play – La leggenda personale

Andead, Build not burn
The new first single from the upcoming album of the band captained by Andrearock.
Click to play – Build not burn

Ally, Catch me
This song was written, composed and engineered by Tancredi Barbuscia and Francesco Colombo, for Eurosong 2013
Click to play – Catch me

The Fire, Supernova
The new third album of one of the best italian rock bands!
Click to play – Follow me

Uniposka, La falsa versione dei fatti
Ska band from Sesto Skalende!
Click to play –Pioggia

Terza pietra dal sole, Tutto sotto controllo
The first new Album of a very talented italian alternative band
Click to play – Tutto sotto controllo

Deceit, Nine
The first album of a band that has all the chances to become a big hit!
Click to play – First father

Eva, Duramadre
The first solo new album of a great singer, that previously was in Prozac +
Click to play – Cadono nuvole

The Fire, Madama Butterfly
This is one of the best Italian rock bands, A lot of energy, power and beautiful melodic attitude
Click to play – Madama Butterfly

Ufficio sinistri, Veleno
This work is very important, we really enjoyed every single moment doin' this record, and the band is awesome! "
Click to play – Rosa canarino

Filippo Dallinferno
never heard an italian musician doin' rock n roll in a so true way!"
Click to play – Caruso

Rhope, Turning maybes into reality
A Metal band with a lot of influences, from musicality and expression till pure power.
Click to play – Your peace

Continual Drift, Reality
One of the most important new talent bands of 2011.
Click to play – Where the sun meets the blues

Deceit, ep
A very nice ep from a band that is doin' a lot of nice things in the underground movement.
Click to play – Teardrop

0039, Single
This band has done only this song, but has got a very big potential
Click to play –Chiedi alla polvere

A very interesting jazz band, with great musicians.
Click to play – Trinity

Ras Melody, Mane of lion
Reggae Styla!!
Click to play – Mane of lion

Effetto Loto, Tensione superficiale
This band has so many influences and differnt styles than any other!
Click to play – Dancing Lady

Rezophonic, Nell'acqua
This is a Beautiful project where a lot of big artists have done this record to help People in Africa.
Click to play – Alti e bassi

May Day, Eppì
Great band, great musicians, great people.
Click to play –Supermario

A very Experimental band.
Click to play – Untitled


We also worked with:

Veralynn - Terza pietra dal sole - Mario Riso - May Day - Max Zanotti - Eva Poles - Elio e i Futuristi - Brainshocker - Extrema - Luca M. - Mike Stern - Blues Magic Machine - Marcus Miller - Robben Ford - My perfect Juliet - Mr. T.o. - becks Brothers - Fallen Notes - Golconda - Sinaesthetics - Matteo Toia - Cool Cat - Overmaster - Killer Traffic - Anemoni - Deserter Division - The new story - Teddy Beer Band - My side - Duo Maclè - verdesangre - Double MInd - Jury and the tropical fish - Happy Hour - Il Tentativo - Mahatma and the fisherkings - Red velvet - Stilema - Virgo - Inebria - Wasteland - Occhi Bassi - Pressure Drop - ecc...

There’s more coming…


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