is one of the music industry's recording facilities in the north of italy, known for its world-class blend of state of the art equipment. Since 2003 Greenriver recording studio has continued the legacy of technical expertise and excellent service.

With the ability of meeting the needs of the industry's most discerning clientele, this place features a seasoned, dedicated ability to work with any musical genre.

The control room features a beautiful Solid State Logic 4040e console, Barefoot micromain 27 as main monitors and Yamaha ns 10m.

The room is perfectly treated for the best results with bass traps, Schroeder panels and all acoustic treatments necessary for.

THE STUDIO is organized with one LARGE LIVE ROOM (260 square mts/560 fts) suitable for very big drums sound, orchestras, live recordings, ecc..
There is a SECONDARY LIVE ROOM, (25 square mts/ 70 fts) that's very useful for recording guitars, basses, drums ecc.. ThIs place is extremely quiet.
A separate ISO BOOTH is also a perfect place for vocals.

At Greenriver Studio you will find tons of mics, tons of pre’s, tons of fun.
that's our game!