Solid State Logic 4040e

Barefoot micromain 27
Yamaha NS-10M’s powered by a Qsc rmx 850
M-Audio msbx 10" subwoofer

Macpro intel xeon i7 12 core 4 Ghz

32 Gb ram

ssd 500 Gb
ssd 256 Gb

2 x Hd 2 Tb 7200 rpm

Monitor Samsung 21

Mac osx 10.9.5

Pro Tools HDX with one HD I/O interface
2 Apogee ad16x
3 Apogee da16x.
Total of 48 inputs and 64 outputs.
All clocked with an Apogee Big Ben
Uad Octo
Uad Quad
Pro Tools Ultimate

Mic Preamps
Solid State Logic (40) all with transformer
Api 512c (3)
Focusrite 428
Focusrite Twintrack
Neve 1073 (2)
Tube Tech mp1a

Solid State Logic (40)
Chandler Limited 12413 zener compressor
Universal Audio 1176LN (2)
Urei 1176 silverface bluestripe (2)
Teletronix La2a
API 2500
DBX 160a
Empirical Labs EL8x Distressor (2)
Empirical Labs El7 Fatso
Tube Tech smc2b
Valley People 440
Valley People Dyna mite
Valley People Dyna mite2
Valley People gatex
Solid State Logic (40)
Manley Massive Passive
focusrite red 2
Api 550b (2)
Api 560

Effects and extras
Dolby 361 noise reduction (x2)
Little labs pcp
Tc Electronic m3000
Tc Electronic Gmajor
Lexicon pcm 80
Motu midi time piece
Motu 828 mkII
Tech 21 Sansamp psa1
Spl Transient Designer

Direct Inject
Avalon U5
Radial rj48

Akg d12vr
Akg 414 xls (x2)
Akg 414 xII (x2)
Akg d112 (x2)
Akg 451 (x2)
Audix d6
Beyerdynamic m88tg (x2)
Beyerdynamic m201tg
Beyerdynamic opus39
Mxl v67
Mxl 600
Electrovoice re-20
Neumann u87
Neumann u87 ai
Neumann u47 Collectors Edition
Neumann km 184 (x2)
Oktava mk012 (x2)
Royer 121 (x2)
Sennheiser 421 (x4)
Sennheiser md441
Sennheiser e606
Shure sm57 (x5)
Shure sm58 (2)
Shure beta91
Shure beta91a
Shure beta52a (x2)
Shure beta98a (x2)
Shure sm7b
T.bone rm 700 (x2)
Yamaha subkick

Headphones by Akg
Behringer power play p16i

Kemper profiling amplifier
Mesa Boogie Dual Caliber dc10
Orange thunderverb
Orange 4x12 cabinet (v30)
Marshall plexi ultra lead
Marshall 9100
Marshall dfx100 combo
Laney gh100l
Laney 4x12 cabinet (Bulldog)
BBE sonic maximizer 482i
Tc. electronic g. major
Orange Ad 200 MKII
Hartke 4 x 10"
Rcf 18" woofer cabinet


Fender American Telecaster
Fender American Sratocaster '79
Gibson les Paul Custom
Ibanez rg 570
B.C. Rich Warlock


Clement Italian Handmade piano


Roland Td 12
Roland Triggers
Ludwig black beauty 14 x 6,5 snare
Compagnia Rigoletto 14 x 8 solid shell handmade snare
Tama Rockstar 14 x 4,5 snare
Tama Superstar 14 x 8 snare
Pearl Ian Paice 14 x 6,5 snare
Tama Superstar
24x18, 12x9, 13x10, 16x16, 18x16
Pearl Master series Brx
22x16, 10x10, 12x10, 13x11, 14x12, 16x16

We are able to satisty musicians or producers
with any kind of stuff that is not present on this list. Just give us a call.