Album Production, Mixing and Mastering
From buds to fruits, as they say. We can take your project from pre-production through final master. For budget conscience artists outside the area, you can stay in agreement hotel near the studio.
Drum Tracking
We always tracking drums for any kind of production, from jazz, through pop till heavy metal. We had other studio owners come in and track drums here, because we have a very beautiful big room for drums. Actually, if you have your own small studio or recording set-up, drums present the greatest challenge. It takes a lot of microphones and pre amps to mic up a modern kit. We keep some kits ready to go, plenty of extra snares, a wide selection of mics and plenty of experience recording them.
Bring your own productions in for guitar overdubs or re-amping using our collection of amps and cabinets. Or, if you need a piano, record on a beautiful Italian made Clement piano.

We mix a lot of projects from any kind, genre and from different countries.. If in-the-box mixing is getting you down and limiting the sonic potential of your album, come in and see what mixing through an analog console can do. We are offering one of the most ever wanted analog consoles, a beautiful SSL 4040e. We also have a net-mixing real time service. If you are from Usa or Japan, and the flight is too expensive, you can send us your project, and watch and listen in real time what we do when we are mixing your stuff. In this way you have the total control and sensation as you'll be in our studio. Technology today offers these great solutions!
We offer a complete master service, from scratch to isrc codes. Are you looking for an analog mastering chain? we have it. Are you looking for a Vinyl master? we do it. We offer hybrid solutions for best results and sound quality.
At Greenriver studio we offer also net-master solutions for artists too far from our location that need our services.
There is a server where you can upload your files and receive the mastered ones. simple, easy and cheap.